Style Icon: Victoria de la Camara, Style Editor of Rue Magazine | Poppy Daily

Style Icon: Victoria de la Camara, Style Editor of Rue Magazine

Victoria de la Camara, Style Editor of Rue Magazine

PoppyWho is your Style Icon?

Victoria: I would say that it is hard to pin point one specific person that is my style icon because I think that style is so personal and what works on one person may not work on another. But by far the person who has inspired me the most is Swedish blogger Elin Kling. Her approach to fashion seems effortless and combines just the right amount of masculine with feminine. I love the way that she will wear a loose fisherman’s sweater with a black skinny jeans and booties and will look more sophisticated than the girl next to her wearing a designer dress. I think clothes should highlight your best assets and shouldn’t be the first thing that people think of when they see you. Great style is not about one single piece, it’s about a combination of your clothes, accessories and most importantly, your personality. Elin achieves this to perfection- whether she is wearing a baggy sweater or a body-con dress, you never lose site of her. I also think that I admire her style because like me, she is a minimalist. You will never find her wearing pattern on pattern, or too many bold accessories- the focus is always on mixing textures and shape. In my opinion that is much more interesting than grabbing people’s attention with a lot of loud colors and patterns.

Victoria de la Camara is the Style Editor of Rue Magazine. Check out Rue Magazine, Victoria’s blog, Vanguard Blog, and follow Victoria and Rue on Twitter at @VictoriaCamara and @RueMagazine respectively.

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